photograph of Calum McMillan by Andy Mills Media

photograph of Calum McMillan by Andy Mills Media

A Series of Awkward Poses is a photo documentary project by Calum McMillan which received it's initial funding from the Emerge funding through the Inverclyde Place Partnership.

This project is dedicated in loving memory to Margaret McMillan, without whose constant love and support I would never been confident enough to pursue my own passions. 

I've always found myself fascinated by creative people, I could spend hours talking with someone about their passion and how they got started, what keeps them going and the triumphs and challenges they faced while they pursue their art. 

At some point it occurred to me that I could combine my journalism experience with my growing interest in portrait photography to explore this fascination in a way that others would, hopefully, find as compelling as I do. 

It can be incredibly difficult for young artists to find the space and support they need to develop their craft, especially those in a small town like the one I've grown up in.

With any luck, this project will give some insight into the opportunities available to them and offer some guidance on what they can do themselves. 

Or at the very least it'll be some pretty pictures.